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Carrera RC Models

So you‘re looking for top speeds and extremely long running times, short recharging periods and state-of-the-art technology? With Carrera RC you‘ve joined the right team. Carrera RC provides racing excitement and maximum gaming enjoyment - indoors and outdoors.

Unique features guarantee exciting chases, timed high speed challenges, stunts and perfect technical handling - exactly what you expect from Carrera RC.

Boys become men -

men become boys.

Carrera RC

Carrera RC is Dr. Toy's 2011 Best Vacation Products Winner!

Take Carrera RC on the road with your family this year. Carrera RC again has won a Dr. Toy award! This time Dr. Toy has honored Carrera RC for the Agent Black Spy Control. Last year the Carrera GO!!! Mario Kart DS won this award along with multiple awards over the past few years have been slots but now the RC line was recognized for excellence.

Enjoy playing with your RC car longer and spend less time waiting for a recharge! The quick charging Li-Ion battery takes only about 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge and will run for around 40 minutes! The car will run in 2 speed modes, fast and faster! And the best part of this car is that it comes ready to run with everything you need to race right out of the box.

Push a button and the hidden lights pop up and let the bad guys know that you mean business, they will see the lights and hear the siren. The highly detailed 1:16 car features precision control via the 27 MHz controller and features 3 bands of control so multiple cars can be driven by different drivers independently.

The Nuremberg Toys and Games Fair was once again a resounding success in 2011!

From the 3rd – 8th February Stadlbauer M+V GmbH showcased the full magnificence of the Carrera RC brand portfolio in hall 6 to an audience gripped by the fascination of ‘Carrera RC - We only go fast!’

Up and away!

Without a doubt the Carrera RC highlights are the new 2.4 GHz products ‘Sky Hunter’ and ‘Red Eagle’. Carrera RC is ‘taking off’ in 2011 – onwards and upwards! The Carrera RC Sky Hunter has a body made completely of Lexan, plus a top quality coaxial rotor control for both indoor and outdoor flights. The Carrera RC Red Eagle now packs 2.4 GHz technology into a small-scale model. The helicopter has a rotor diameter of 19cm and being so lightweight it is intended for indoor flights only.

Carrera RC Lap Counter

No other Carrera RC model embodies the race challenge character of the Carrera brand more impressively than the 4x4 Racing Machine. Carrera RC can also provide a Lap Counter set which enables up to 64 cars to compete in a single race.

27 MHz Digital Proportional

Stepless steering and acceleration is no longer limited to the Gigahertz segment. From 2011 Carrera RC is also providing ‘digital proportional’ 27 MHz models with direct and smooth steering and acceleration like the Dune Jumper!

Licensed reproductions

Another special attraction has been the acquisition of reproduction licenses for big-name car makes such as Volkswagen, Hummer, Jeep and Ford. Another licensing success is the new coast guard boat, the ‘Falshöft’, offering amazingly authentic details to thrill RC boat and water fans everywhere.

The Carrera RC team wishes you lots of enjoyment with your Carrera RC products!

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