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Tamiya Retro RC Cars

The big kids in us all love Tamiya Retro RC Cars and as we get older and have children this is a real treat.

Whether you want a Lunchbox, Hornet, Blackfoot, Midnight Pumpkin, Sand Scorcher and Rough Rider your and your children will love them.


We have in stock for example the Lunchbox and we have it in 3 kits types. We have the Lunchbox XB (Expert Built) which comes pre built with Transmitter, Battery and charger and we also have the build your own kits which come in standard Lunch Box and the Limited Edition Gold Lunch Box.

Gold Lunch Box

On the same chasis is the Midnight Pumpkin and this is a great retro rc car. This comes with a great looking pick-up style body.

Midnight Pumpkin

The 1979 Sand Scorcher is a great classic rc car with a dune buggy chassis and this has been updated to a new improved chassis.

Sand Scorcher

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